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The first symptoms of the disease may appear precisely on the oral mucosa shortly after birth when sucking. Bubbles and then erosion are more often observed on dutasteride, where scars form at the site of the rash, limiting the movements of the tongue, disrupting the chewing process. Stenosing deformities with scarring that make breathing and swallowing difficult also occur in the nasopharyngeal cavity and esophagus.

Patients are physically underdeveloped. In 20% of patients, congenital anomalies of bones, teeth, and hair are observed. The nails are usually deformed, hypertrophied like oni-chogryphosis, or sometimes completely absent (anonychia). On atrophic deforming scars, multiple milium-like cysts are formed. Along with skin changes in patients,Xia and other manifestations of the dysplastic process: hypotrichosis, xeroderma, hypoplasia of the esophagus, gonads. At the same time, mental underdevelopment (imbecility) is detected. Severe manifestations of the disease are complicated by a variety of superficial and deep pyodermatitis, a septic condition with a fatal outcome. The course of dermatosis is chronically recurrent.

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    • In milder forms, there is a long existence of the disease with deterioration in the warm season.
    • Some improvement may occur by the age of puberty.
    • Causes of epidermolysis bullosa Classification of avodart online bullosa Symptoms of epidermolysis bullosa Diagnosis of epidermolysis bullosa Treatment of epidermolysis bullosa Prognosis of epidermolysis bullosa Prices for treatment.
    • Epidermolysis bullosa is a heterogeneous group of hereditary skin diseases characterized by blistering and erosion in response to minor mechanical stress. For the first time this term was used in 1886 by the German dermatologist Heinrich Koebner, further studies have shown that there are many varieties of this pathology.
    • The pathogenesis of disorders in epidermolysis bullosa has long remained poorly understood.
    • The next important step in the study of epidermolysis bullosa was made with the discovery of immunohistological studies (immunofluorescence). Currently, it is these methods that play the most important role in the diagnosis of these diseases, yielding in accuracy only to genetic analysis.
    • A breakthrough in this direction occurred with the introduction of electron microscopy into medical practice, which helped visualize the ultrastructure of affected skin tissues.

Due to the fact that the methods of studying epidermolysis bullosa have been constantly improved, the classification of the forms of this group of diseases has also undergone changes.
The reason for the development of another form of pathology - borderline epidermolysis bullosa - are mutations in the genes LAMB3, LAMA3 and some others. Most of these mutations are inherited in an autosomal recessive manner, with proteins such as type 17 collagen and laminin-332 being attacked by an imbalanced enzyme system. These proteins are involved in maintaining the normal structure of the lower layers of the epidermis, so their damage leads to the characteristic clinical symptoms of borderline epidermolysis bullosa.

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Causes of epidermolysis bullosa. In addition to the easy formation of blisters and erosions, it is also characterized by increased fragility of the skin and a more severe course.

The dystrophic type of epidermolysis bullosa is caused by mutations in the COL7A1 gene, which can be inherited both by autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive mechanisms. In this case, the target protein is type 7 collagen, which is responsible for the stability of the structure of other connective tissue fibers of avodart pill.

A decrease in the amount of this protein in the tissues of the skin leads to the easy development of rashes, erosions and blisters, and is also often accompanied by disorders of other organs. In particular, dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa often leads to the development of joint contracture, the lesion captures the mucous membranes of the organs of dutasteride and digestive systems. On the scars that remain after the healing of erosion, malignant tumors often occur.